Conquest celebrates USC tradition leading up to the rivalry game

In this episode of See It Live, we break down our predictions and what is at stake leading up to the USC versus UCLA game.

We go live at the concert where Mura Mesa performs and USC celebrates century-old traditions with performances from the Song Girls, the Marching Band, and more. We talk to one of the Directors of the Concert committee live about the preparation that went into the event.

The Cardinal Divas of ‘SC, the first-ever USC majorette team, makes their first performance at Conquest tonight but will not be performing at the Game this weekend. We talk to the Cardinal Divas of ‘SC who want to perform on the football field in the future.

Our sports anchor Michael Fiumefreddo breaks down the upcoming game and how the past games for both teams will affect the morale of the team. Fiumefreddo also walks through what is at stake, and what this game will mean for USC and UCLA if either win.

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