Match Volume

Cup of Troy with Shawn Tran

Match Volume’s Shitong Zhang has a conversation with Shawn Tran, the founder of coffee brand Cup of Troy, about how he started a coffee business during the pandemic.

[One-sentence description of what this media is: "A photo of a vaccine site on USC campus" or "Gif of dancing banana". Important for accessibility/people who use screen readers.]

For this week’s episode, Match Volume’s Shitong Zhang talked with Shawn Tran, the founder of Cup of Troy, a pop-up coffee shop starting from USC. Shawn is also a Trojan who majored in the music industry. He and his friends started their coffee business as a hobby during the pandemic and now Cup of Troy has become a brand every trojan knows. Find more about the events and menu of Cup of Troy here.

Check out Cup of Troy on Instagram to find more about their events and menu.