University drops Trojan Check requirement for University Park Campus

The change will be considered for some buildings on the Health Sciences Campus, too.

[One-sentence description of what this media is: "A photo of a vaccine site on USC campus" or "Gif of dancing banana". Important for accessibility/people who use screen readers.]

Trojan Check will no longer be required to enter University Park Campus beginning April 4, Chief Health Officer Sarah Van Orman and Senior Vice President of Administration David Wright announced Thursday.

While USC Care Crew members won’t check the service at campus entrances anymore, Trojan Check will remain available as a service for campus visitors to monitor their symptoms. However, officials said Trojan Check infrastructure will remain on the perimeter of campus for now in case the requirement needs to be reinstated.

The university said that it will continue to pay Care Crew staff through the end of April.

“We are looking into employment opportunities throughout USC for positions that may be good matches for these staff members,” the university wrote in a statement to Annenberg Media.

The Health Sciences Campus may also drop the requirement to enter non-clinical buildings.

This university-wide policy update comes on the heels of the end of campus indoor mask mandates and weekly testing earlier in the month.

“As we move into this new phase, the duty to keep our fellow Trojans healthy and safe is a shared one we must all take on together,” Wright and Van Orman wrote.

The university still requires students, faculty and staff stay up-to-date on vaccinations and boosters to protect against COVID-19.

This story was updated to reflect new information Annenberg Media received about Care Crew employment.