Match Volume

Power of choice with Andrea Weaver

Match Volume’s Nataly Joseph discusses the importance of doulas, especially Black doulas for Black and brown birthing people with Andrea Weaver, a certified Black doula based in LA.

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A doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional, and informational support through a significant health-related experience, especially childbirth. Though many studies have shown that the services of doula benefit the birth outcomes, the doula is still an overlooked position. To mark World Doula Week, this week on Match Volume, Nataly Joseph chatted with Andrea Weaver, a certified Black doula based in LA and the founder of Nurture and Flow, an organization giving personalized care back to women and pregnant people, especially Black and brown birthing people. Andrea believes that the birthing person must be informed and empowered with the freedom and authority of making choices, which ensures a positive birth experience. The two also discussed the importance of Black doulas for Black women considering the maternal mortality rate for Black mothers is nearly three times that of white mothers nationally.