On the campaign trail with the Woodworth-Krishnan ticket

A behind-the-scenes look at their campaign and election in photos.

Hannah Woodworth and Nivea Krishnan clinched the 2022 USG presidential and vice-presidential spots last week after a tumultuous campaign.

The campaign process began online, where Woodworth-Krishnan faced only one other ticket, the Westen Bel-Geddes - Erica Wang ticket. Bell-Geddes-Wang dropped out of the race on Feb. 3, leaving Woodworth-Krishnan uncontested.

Just a week before voting started, two write-in tickets declared their candidacy, contesting the Woodworth-Nivea campaign for the first time in weeks.

The two write-in candidates occupied a unique space; being allowed to participate in the debate and to campaign on behalf of their platform, while still unable to be listed on the ballot itself.

Rachel Lee and Collin Colson ran on a campaign to abolish greek life and establish communal refrigerators on campus.

Kyle Valdes and Safal Mengi ran a campaign promising to extend the “fryft” zones and pledged more support for international students.

In the end, both write-in candidates were unsuccessful in their bid for higher office. Woodworth and Krishnan celebrated their victory on March 1. Annenberg Media photographers followed the two initial tickets during their campaigns, providing a look into the weeks leading up to the election results, however, the swift dropout of the Bell-Geddes-Wang resulted in only photos from the Woodworth-Krishnan ticket.

A view of Woodworth on Zoom through a door.
A photo of campus at night as Nivea Krishnan, Benjy Mitchell, and Jack Goldman walk across.
Krishnan in a baseball hat against a blue sky.
Woodworth and Krishnan walking into shadows.
A hand holds out a Hannah-Nivea 22 button to another person.
Hannah Woodworth in a mask at the USG Presidential Candidate Debate.
Hannah Woodworth, blurry, holidng a campaign sign and shouting.
Woodworth motions like she's taking a photo outside at Rock and Reillys.