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USC Career fair is back in person February 24th

This is the first time it will be in person since the COVID-19 pandemic

The career fair WILL COVER JOBS FOR STUDENTS OF ALL DIFFERENT MAJORS. Fiona, a transfer junior to USC, is looking forward to attending this event.

Fiona: “I do plan on going to see if there’s different companies and what opportunities they do have to offer. I have not been to any previous career fairs because I had just recently transferred to USC in the fall semester. So I’m looking forward to attending this upcoming one. I’m looking to get involved in the biopharmaceutical industry. I’m looking more towards regulatory affairs or more like the management or business side of the biopharma industry.”

Back in the fall of 20-21,holding a career fair on Zoom was a bit confining. This time around ... the career fair is a brand-new experience - students get to meet employers in person. Some students say ... being interviewed right there on the spot ... may not be as intimidating as it sounds.

Andrew Ryan is a USC junior.

Andrew Ryan: “It wasn’t as intense as I thought it’d be. My advice to other people would be to leverage your status as a student and don’t be overwhelmed by everyone that you meet. Everyone goes through it. They’ve all been in your shoes at some point in their life just to get the most you possibly can out of it.”

Organizers of the event say it is best to prepare before you go.

Lauren Opgenorth is the Associate Director of Internship Engagement at the USC Career Center.

She says a good first step is for students to get feedback on their resumes. One resource for that is the Smart Resume Tool.

Opgenorth: “You upload the resume to the site within 90 to120 seconds. It’s going to give you some qualitative and quantitative feedback and then you can go back and forth to try to get your score to at least 75 to then share with the recruiter. So it’s a really great tool and it’s something that can be used.”

Opgenorth says the most important thing for an in-person career fair is to know who is coming, review the job list, and prepare for the questions.