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Summer Walker is “Still Over It”

The artist released her sophomore album just in time for cuffing season

Summer Walker arrives to the Soul Train Music Awards at the Apollo Theater on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, in New York.

Through smooth tones of R&B and hip hop beats, musical artist Summer Walker shares how she is “Still Over It” in her long anticipated sophomore album. The project is a combination of love, heartbreak and growth that is a bit of a transition from her previous album, “Over It,” that focused more on falling in love, maintaining love and being in a relationship.

“Take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes. You don’t have to guess if something is love. Love is shown through actions,” said Walker on Apple Music.

The album released at the perfect time as the weather is getting colder and days getting shorter. The onset of winter marks the beginning of “Cuffing Season” where most teens and young adults tend to be in their feelings.

“I lowkey think that it was a promotion strategy because her last album came out around this time too and this isn’t like typical Summer, so I think it’s perfect for the weather, perfect for winter...It’s perfect for this season because a lot of people are in their feelings, some people get really sad because the holidays are coming up,” said National Guard Member Kayla Richard.

However, not only is the music apt for the vibe Walker is setting, but the lyrics are able to submerge the listeners into Summer Walker’s unfiltered recount of her own trials and tribulations of what love can truly look like through her eyes, and as she goes into this new chapter as a 25-year old single mother, while being in the spotlight from her fame.

“Going off Twitter a lot of people said they’re going to be single for a day while listening to the music because they’re in a relationship or they’re gonna think about past relationships and slide down the wall crying,” said 28-year old mother Bryana Pickett.

Her skill in storytelling really shines through in the chronology of the album, where she takes you through what has been going on in Walker’s life since her first album “Over It” came out. In the opener, “Bitter (Narration By Cardi B),” where Walker clears the air about the past drama of her unannounced pregnancy with rapper, London on Da Track, who has children with other women that were jealous of her relationship with him. It then leads into a different chapter during this time where she realizes that her baby’s father is not worth all the drama.

“Come to find out you weren’t even worth my time,” she says in “No Love” featuring SZA.

She maintains the same mixed feelings between love and heartbreak throughout the entire album, but still leaves room for acceptance of the situation and takes this ultimately as a lesson that has brought her a blessing, which she conveys in “Ciara’s Prayer.”

“I know that my baby is the most precious gift you’ve given me in life,” Walker said.

Through Ciara’s Prayer, many women can relate to the harsh reality of heartbreak while being pregnant, and although this album is not specifically for women, fans believe Walker was able to provide comfort.

“I do think she did write this album to encourage other women, to still believe in love through everything,” Richard said.

Still the album empowers women and gives comfort to other women that can relate to what she endured being lied to, cheated on and disrespected by London On Da Track.

“I can see her taking it far in the industry as long as she keeps going on the [right] path… and not letting people/stress get to her. I think she’s been handling herself pretty well especially with the issues with her baby’s father,” Pickett said.