Match Volume

Waging peace with David Cortwright and Susan Schnall

Match Volume’s Ashley Carnahan breaks down David Cortwright and Susan Schnall’s contributions to GI resistance during and after the Vietnam War.

Three photos of antiwar heroes.

In tandem with USC Annenberg and Visions and Voices’ Waging peace in Vietnam: An exhibition of protest movements and social change, Match Volume’s own Ashley Carnahan sat down with David Cortwright and Susan Schnall, who participated in the Vietnam War and its resistance. Cortwright is the director of the Global Policy Initiative and special advisor for policy studies and professor emeritus at the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame. After enlisting in the Vietnam War, he helped circulate petitions and other resistance efforts against it. Later, he sued the U.S. Army for infringing upon his first amendment rights during that movement. Schnall is an assistant adjunct professor at the New York University School of Professional Studies, Healthcare Management and the president of the New York City chapter of Veterans For Peace. She served as a nurse during the Vietnam War, helped organize “leaflet bombings” and promoted peace demonstrations. Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about Cortwright and Schnall’s stories, as well as the importance of peace movements and resisting from within.