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Trojan family anticipate celebrations to ‘Conquest’ the Bruins

Alumni and students gather for festivities in preparation for the annual weekend crosstown rivalry

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With rivalry week, or Beat the Bruins week, upon us the school spirit festivities are in full swing around campus.

Every year before the cross town rivals, UCLA plays football the USC Trojans get ready by celebrating with the Conquest and Rally.

Conquest and Rally is a Trojan Tradition with special appearances by the USC Football Team and the USC Song Girls. The football coach and team captain make speeches about the big game to come on the weekend, getting the crowd excited.

The Song Girls show off their skills and perform under the bright stage lights in McCarthy Quad to popular songs.

The USC Marching Band also performs and leads the crowd in beat UCLA cheers, prepping them to cheer on their team at the game.

The quad is packed with students ready to show their school spirit with confetti and smoke for the big occasion.

Conquest and Rally each year features performers such as Childish Gambino, Saweetie, and Quavo. This year’s opener is Young Franco.

USC Sophomore Business Admin student, Carina Mankerian said she is really looking forward to going to her first conquest and rally.

Carina Mankerian: Yes. I mean, I just recently heard about it last week, so I’m really excited to see what it’s all about and definitely excited to go with all my friends and have fun.

Conquest is a good way to show school spirit and is a tradition that is remembered by many alumni.

USC Alumna Abigail Sullivan Class of 1997, remembers the fun that she had while a student at the Conquest and Rally.

Abigail Sullivan: Well, I have a lot of great memories about conquest. My favorite, I think, would be the traditions and how it really when come together, you kind of solidifies you as a real member of the Trojan family. And that’s the memory I take with me.

The memories that are made at Conquest and Rally are ones that remind you of what it means to be a Trojan and can be look backed on and talked about for years to come.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Rory Burke.