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Christmas music has begun playing, but is it too early?

Tis the season for holiday music.

Christmas decorations at the USC Village Target.

Each year, it appears that the holiday season comes quicker and quicker. Stores begin to put out Christmas decorations shockingly early, even two or three months in advance.

A lot of people jump right from Halloween into Christmas, completely skipping over Thanksgiving. But, is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?

Reporter Lupe LLerenas finds out.


Surprisingly between the days of October and November, radio stations changed from pumpkins to Mariah Carey. To some, November 1st is now the official start of Christmas and holiday season.

So, as the holiday season approaches, one question at the front of many people’s minds is: when can we start listening to Christmas music?

I spoke with several folks about their thoughts on this and even got their reactions listening to holiday music.

For USC senior Sarah Kim, it’s never too early.

Sarah Kim: Aww, I’m one of those. I’m one of those. I love Christmas music! Christmas music, especially that song and Nat King Cole’s song. The serotonin levels boosted and for me, even in the middle of the year when I’m super stressed, sometimes I just turn these songs on and I’ll just instantly feel better. I love Christmas music!

But, not Liam Ram, the USC sophomore says holiday music can .. and should… be put on hold until the end of November.

Liam Ram: It’s a little too early for me. I would have to wait until Thanksgiving. Like Black Friday. I think it makes sense. I know that it makes a lot of money to start doing it early. Starbucks is already going, and I’m not ready for that either. I didn’t even get a pumpkin spice latte yet.

However, Ashley Dingess, National Promotions Director at Capitol Music Group disagrees and says Christmas music puts people in a happy place.

Ashley Dingess: I do not think it’s too early to be listening to Christmas music. I think November 1st is perfectly fine to start listening to holiday music. It’s because it brings people joy and especially after the last two years we’ve had. I think it’s perfectly acceptable. It’s a fun time for a lot of people.

While there are many different opinions on this topic that people passionately defend. One thing we can agree on is that Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” is a holiday staple.

Dingess says the pop star is a marketing genius. In fact, in less than 24 hours her social media holiday video was viewed 5.3 Million times.

Ashley Dingess: If there was a song that I made that put more money in my pocket? You bet your butt, I would market it to the end. She has kids to think about, she has an estate to worry about. Make all your money boo. It’s a staple and people have named Mariah Carey as the Christmas queen.

So whether you’re gearing up for the holiday season or not, it’s safe to say Christmas music has a jolly effect.