Match Volume

There’s always a place to listen with Rebecca Kessler, Jake Squire and Perry Budd

Match Volume hosts a candid conversation about the process of unlearning Zionism.

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On this episode, Host Jeremy Lindenfeld chats with Rebecca Kessler and then his friends Jake Squire and Perry, to discuss their journeys toward anti-zionism. Zionism is the belief that Israel belongs to the Jewish People. They tackle the importance of intentionally differentiating between Judaism and Zionism, and the pain that they went through when first questioning Zionism. Rebecca Kessler supported Israel because that’s what she was taught during her upbringing in Boca Raton and now in her 30′s, Kessler has moved away from that position. Jake Squire is a Jewish man who has recently begun to question his Zionism. Perry Bud is a Master’s student at USC and former writer and researcher for The Borgen Project, where he reported on international political economy and American foreign policy.

Match Volume is an interview-based podcast that presents the perspectives and experiences of the impressive and passionate. It is not a news podcast, though it often discusses current events and issues relevant to its listeners.

Theme music by Polina Cherezova.