Match Volume

Sustainable innovation with Aly Moore and Jennifer Collier

Insect Advocate Aly Moore and Tiktoker Jennifer Collier join Match Volume to discuss their approaches to sustainable innovation.

A side by side of Aly Moore holding up a bug on a spoon, and Jennifer Collier waving

On this week’s episode, we air two interviews surrounding the topic of sustainable innovation. First, Match Volume’s Alexandra Applegate chats with Aly Moore, founder of insect advocacy blog Bugible. Moore shares her enthusiasm for all things insects, and why we should help nature return to its roots by reintroducing bugs back into food chains and human diets. Then, Match Volume’s Ashley Carnahan profiles Tiktoker and Upcycler Jennifer Collier. Collier, who is a junior at UCLA, went viral after she crocheted plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats for people who are unhoused. Listen for more on how you can make small changes in your life to reduce your carbon footprint.