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‘Sincerely, Kentrell’ by YoungBoy Never Broke Again highlights the artist’s battle with his inner demons.

A deep dive into the mental distress and extreme drug addiction of YoungBoy Never Broke Again in his emotional third studio album.

Photo of YoungBoy Never Broke Again sitting in front of the window, drowned in bright light.

TW: This story includes descriptions of drug addiction that may be triggering for some readers.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s latest record, “Sincerely, Kentrell,” highlights the emotional scars caused by the artist’s troubling adolescence. These scars aren’t visible to the eye, but are expressed through his voice and are shown to be more painful than anything that bleeds.

The opening track “Bad Morning,” illustrates YoungBoy’s reliance on narcotics to overcome his violent upbringing. YoungBoy continuously expresses how he relies on drugs to heal the pain and get rid of the demons surrounding his life. Lyrics such as “On three different drugs tryna take away my pain, but it’s still gon’ flow,” show how he deeply laments the situation he’s in.

This is a void that many individuals with a dark and strenuous background fall into. According to YoungBoy, if he doesn’t take the drugs to numb the pain, then the suffering will continue to consume the mind. However, if he uses them to temporarily alleviate the pain, then the long-term effects will aggravate the suffering in the future. YoungBoy is manifesting how he is stuck in this blind alley of tribulation.

"Sincerely, Kentrell" by YoungBoy Never Broke Again cover art

The track “No Where” also adds to the emotional aspect of the project. The melodic and repetitive use of “la-di-da-di” makes for a memorable hook. Instead of continuing to emphasize his toughness, YoungBoy reveals his vulnerability by opening up about insufferable heartbreak.

Even the strongest people can be damaged by heartbreak, especially when one feels that there is unfinished business.

“All night, singin’ the same song, lonely, singin’ the same song. Oh, she all that I need, why don’t she don’t see?” YoungBoy says.

He is dropping his guard to let the heart breathe. The violence of his past isn’t the only form of agony that he has endured. A broken heart can feel just as painful as a gunshot wound. To overcome this heavy heart, YoungBoy again highlights his extreme drug use as he exclaims “So high that I might OD.” Regardless of the type of misery, YoungBoy persistently implements the same, troubling methods of coping.

Another stand-out track is “Life Support.” The deep and ominous piano riffs fit the dark mood of the project as a whole. In this track, YoungBoy cries out “Now I got grams like I’m Frank Matthews.”

Frank Matthews was a known drug trafficker who sold countless amounts of narcotics across the U.S. This line boasts that he has an abundance of drugs in his possession, which is more than likely a product of his battle with addiction. “Sincerely, Kentrell” is an evident showcase of YoungBoy’s consistent cries for help in overcoming the pain he’s shouldered from violent experiences, mental anguish, and a draining relationship with drugs.

YoungBoy was arrested in March 2021 by the FBI for drug and firearm charges and is currently locked behind bars. In “Sincerely, Kentrell,” YoungBoy shows that he has essentially been imprisoned his whole life. He has been forced into violent situations and has never been able to experience a life of restfulness. Instead, YoungBoy has been confined into a life of constant pain and suffering. This life has led to apparent drug addiction, forcing him into an inescapable cognitive jail cell. He feels like he can not mentally give up the drugs, despite their incredibly harmful impact on his future.

Even though YoungBoy is perceived as a larger-than-life celebrity, he faces the same mental struggles as countless others. YoungBoy’s lyrics help his audience overcome their own inner demons by showing that they are not alone, which is why his fanbase is so devoted to his art.

“Sincerely, Kentrell” is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, and other streaming services.