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USC students react to needing proof of vaccination at bars

A new Los Angeles County health order will require proof of vaccination in order to attend indoor bars and clubs.

If you are thinking about going to a bar in the coming weeks, you will have to show more than your ID. You also will have to show proof of vaccination. Eli Kleinmann has the story.


A new Los Angeles County health order requires proof of vaccination at bars and nightclubs. County public health officials are encouraged that COVID cases are trending down, but they are concerned cases could spike as the holidays near.

Across USC, the COVID-19 Resource Center reports 78 new cases for students last week out of more than 33,000 tests.

Students have a mixed reaction to the requirement of showing proof of vaccination before going into bars.

ILIA MORSHED: I think it’s a good thing. I mean, you know, I think people need to get vaccinated, and the more people get vaccinated, the less, you know, you have to worry about social distance and, you know, wearing these masks. So anything that mandates getting vaccinated is good.

SID VERMA: I think it’s definitely necessary. I mean, with people just standing around dancing like... no spacing between each other, I think it’s necessary to have a vaccine in order to create a safe environment for everybody to just enjoy themselves while being out.

JAKE McFEE: Personally, I think it should be up to the bars and the bar owners themselves, whether or not they want to instate that. And then you give people the choice from there on out whether or not they want to go into bars that have or don’t have mask mandates.

We talked to Ilia Morshed, Sid Verma, and Jake McFee.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Eli Kleinmann.