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Pandemic or not, queues are still a must

Instead of lining up inside dining spots, students now use either a mobile app or a kiosk to order food on campus.

It’s great to be back at USC... But students have been forced to adapt to new procedures on campus, just to go about their daily lives. You want to eat? First, take out your phone. Students now have to use a mobile dining app and kiosks to order food at campus dining spots. Staci Ramsey reports.


Instead of students waiting in line to order their food, they are waiting in line to order from the kiosks. Students are anxiously standing around checking their phone notifications to see if their mobile orders are ready.

Some prefer using the kiosks rather than the mobile ordering app, such as Genevieve Sasseville, a butterflier on USC women’s swim.

Genevieve Sasseville: The only issue I found with the kiosk is there’s no like pictures to see why you’re ordering. So unless you kind of already have seen someone have what you’re having, you don’t really know what you’re ordering.

Others enjoy primarily using the mobile app. Christopher Chan, an undergraduate student in the Marshall School of Business, is one of them.

Christopher Chan: I like it because i order it in class and i don’t have to wait. And normally seed’s even before the pandemic, had really long lines.

However, Chan recognizes the possibility and risk of students being able to take his order if he doesn’t pick it up on time.

Nick Vyas, director of the USC center for global supply chain management, says he is not surprised with the dining changes. Vyas believes students will adapt.

Nick Vyas: So I am not sure that I would be keen to say that we would go back to the old ways, the new ways that we are deploying can be successful and if the student body has embraced the change and they like it. I think it will actually stay.

The online ordering system is flawed but feedback is needed as this is a new system.

Noel Esquivel: I think most likely the students and let us know their opinions, how could we make it better, faster and easier for each one of us as the staff and for the students.

That was Noel Esquivel, a staff worker at the Tutor Center dining hall.

Although it has only been three weeks, students and USC staff seem to think that the new mobile ordering app and kiosks are here to stay.

For Annenberg Media… I’m Staci Ramsey.