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The Power of Using Content Creation Through Tik Tok To Upscale Your Business

One entrepreneur says: “They’re giving away free content that is worth thousands of dollars as long as you follow the right channels.”

COVID has changed our lives—significantly. Many people can’t afford the roof over their head, let alone— to run their business. Tik Tok has been a tool that many people have used to upscale their business and provide hope during a hopeless time. As 2020 ended, TikTok officially became the most downloaded app of the year. Taylor Milliner talked to one entrepreneur who discovered new opportunities on Tik Tok during the pandemic.

Tatiana Londano found major success on TikTok…and was able to make money off of her educational real estate videos. She is teaching millennials about how to buy a property and the opportunities that you can have by pursuing a real estate career. In this TikTok, she walks her followers through her process of buying and selling homes.


(Tik Tok Audio) I bought this townhouse for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, put seventy five thousand dollars into it, put it on the market at five hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, didn’t pay a commission because I’m a real estate broker and I made one hundred thousand dollars profit.’Now, let me show you what I did with that one hundred thousand dollar profit.

She is the CEO of Londono Realty Group Inc, one of the biggest residential brokerage firms in Montreal, Canada. Because of her vibrant personality and business intellect, she was able to get a role on H-G-T-V’s “The Property Shop.” Now, she is a content creator on TikTok… She uses the platform to direct people to her coaching business.


So sixty thousand bucks for three months so far.

But success didn’t immediately come for Londono. Her eyes for finding new ways to make money...came at a young age.


I didn’t think that we were struggling for money, but we were always struggling for money. My parents didn’t show me these things, but there was a lot of insecurity growing up. So at a young age, I started working. So I was selling lemonade. I thought money was important. I was always trying to help.. When all the kids were playing at the park, I would sell lemonade, an ice cream rebranded as mine.

As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, Londono felt the need to expand her business with this new platform called Tiktok. Besides her career as a broker, recently, she pursued Tik Tok to attempt to upscale her real estate business. Her social media journey started when one of her younger real estate agents went viral on TikTok and it inspired her to do the same.


This is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen. How did it get one point, one million views? I swear to God. The rest is history.

Londono has been making 4 videos per week since November. Within four months, she gained 1 million followers. Because of her new Tik Tok platform, she was able to get plenty of social media brand deals. Because she teaches real estate in a millennial friendly way, she also started personalized coaching that upscaled her business.


Oh, yeah, baby, because when I do something, I have to monetize. I’m not here to waste time. I’m here to make money, because with money comes freedom with money comes access. With money comes power. with money comes Emancipation.

For Londono and other creators, Tiktok’s algorithm was their formula to success. TikTok analyzes every type of video that you watch and compares it to the videos that are skipped through. This creates a timeline of videos that users will be more likely to be engaged with and care about. Matthew Leveque [LE-VECK], a U-S-C Public Relations Professor and social media marketing expert, says these personalized algorithms on TikTok have been the key for marketing.


“The impact of it, of using tick tock, tick tock influencers to show your product, promote your product, talk about your product, your cause, explain things to people. It’s been an incredibly effective platform and it really appears to come down to that. It’s an algorithm that allows almost anybody to garner tremendous amount of followers. Views immediately has been the the secret sauce. The success to it is just a really fantastic algorithm on it.

And with Tiktok recommending all related videos under the same hashtag, viewers can find themselves binging similar videos for hours…especially when stuck at their homes during the pandemic.


On a personal note, as mindlessly entertaining to go in. And sort of it was a very good antidote for covid of just looking at sort of ridiculousness and fun that was going on within it.”

With the quick success of her Tiktok videos, Londono is willing to put even more time into it.  With a younger generation of viewers and an ever expanding platform, Tiktok is the next big thing for her.


The kind of content people are producing is insane. Trust me, I’m a smart girl. I did it all. These kids are geeks and they’re giving away free content that is worth thousands of dollars as long as you follow the right channels. Girl, tick tock is a wealth of information.

But...Londono had other platforms like TV and Youtube appearances, which could have affected her going viral on Tiktok. While the algorithm has given thousands of users quick success just based on their hashtags, it’s not a guarantee that Tiktok promises followers or money.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Taylor Milliner.