Match Volume

Taking care of what takes care of us with Amy Gulick

Conservation photographer and environmentalist Amy Gulick joins Elle and Ella to talk about her work as it relates to climate change and the need for urgent reform.

On this week’s episode of Match Volume, co-hosts Ella Katz and Elle Davidson “sit down” with conservation photographer and writer Amy Gulick. Gulick has been capturing rare ecosystems for years, which she discusses in this episode, as well as the ticking time bomb that is climate change. Her most recent book, “Salmon in the Trees,” takes a deep and unfiltered look at Alaska’s Tongass Rain Forest, an ecosystem that Gulick explores with Elle and Ella. Gulick’s work has been featured in a handful of publications from National Wildlife to Outdoor Photographer, and she emphasizes the urgency of acting on our pressing climate crisis. This conversation coincides with Earth Day and President Biden’s call to action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Check out Amy Gulick here.

Special thanks to Ashi Kumar, who contributed to the promotion of this week’s episode.