What about Spree? An Online Extension that Makes Shopping Easier

Episode 2: Shub Gaur explains his story about his start-up, and gives advice on how to start one of your own.

Welcome to The Strive! A podcast that dives into the stages of what it’s like to build a startup. By interviewing current students who are in the process of developing their own business, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain insight and advice from their peers.

In this episode of the Strive, Shub Gaur explains the thinking behind the idea of Spree, an extension that compares prices from thousands of sites. Gaur dives into how he built his start-up, shares his advice for those who want to build their own business, and why he went into the industry.

Shub Gaur is a USC sophomore studying computer science and business administration. The start-up idea started in Lavalab, a start-up incubator that connects founders to resources. This is where Gaur met his two co-founders, Stephanie Noh and Tyler Fong. He is currently a part of the Troy Labs accelerator. Gaur and his co-founders are still developing the extension.