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COVID-19 Chronicles: stories of lives impacted by the pandemic

A visual documentation of how people navigate through the disruptions and uncertainties.

With COVID-19 hitting nearly every corner of the world, people are struggling to adapt to the new reality. These visual journalism projects provide glimpses into people’s lives during the pandemic.

Charro En Mi Alma - by Emily Bonilla

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cowboy? As Covid-19 conditions continue, Valente Vera’s traditions of practicing Mexican rodeos, or “charrería,” has altered significantly. Finding ways to keep up with his most cherished hobby has become difficult in today’s circumstances, but he is hopeful to continue the sport in the near future.

The challenges of a working mother dealing with online education - by Giulia Orsenigo

Guadalupe’s daughter, Bianca, started her lower school years learning online. As Guadalupe struggles to juggle her daughter’s education with her work as a housekeeper in Mexico City, she’s learning how to handle this new reality with each passing day.

With help from Bianca’s aunt, Ana, this family of working women proves that it takes time, effort, and an army to teach young children. Especially when it’s through a screen.

Navigating High School Sports during COVID-19 - by Sara Atashi

Homecoming, Friday Night Lights, Prom, a Championship Game. These cornerstones of the high school experience are some of the most special times before adulthood... But COVID-19 has taken these moments away. Shayli Atashi is a junior at Palos Verdes High School and the captain of her basketball team. Atashi stopped attending in-person school and playing with her team in March and eight months later, she has yet to adjust to this new and unfamiliar way of life. She shares her lifelong passion for basketball and her concerns about returning to high school before her senior year.

Historias y Abuelita - by Emily Bonilla

While living through a global pandemic, Bertha Camarillo recalls her past times with her beloved husband Victor. She shares the stories behind their best kept memories treasured in her six decades-old photo albums.

Students React to Fall 2020

Catch up with some of Troy’s finest as they break down the highs and lows of Fall 2020

A student describes her experiences transferring to USC during COVID-19 - by Emily Sures

Alexandra Patierno, a junior at USC living just off campus, explains the silver linings with the pandemic. She describes the unexpected friendships she’s found with people of diverse backgrounds and interests.

The pandemic and its effects on mental health - by Rae Han

Zoom fatigue, lack of social interaction, and other effects of the pandemic have taken a toll on college students mental and emotional health. Sophomores Kim Stepien, Justin Mitselmahker and Zoe Lazar share how the pandemic and online school have affected their mental and emotional well-being.

Navigating the College Zoom Space - By Marlize Duncan

Max Duncan, a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton, is at home in Mira Loma, California navigating Zoom learning by distressing with basketball, and wishing to connect with other Black students at school. 2020.

A Seattle local describes his struggle of securing a job during COVID-19 - by James Garvey

Nathan Janser, a 19 year old student on a gap year details the difficulties he faced when he tried to find a job. Applying to several jobs a day and sometimes even during work, Janser shares his experience during a global pandemic.

Living During a Pandemic - by LeeAnna Villarreal

Reagan Dennis currently attends Colby College as a sophomore. Unlike other students nationwide, she, and the majority of Colby’s student body, have been staying on campus since the beginning of this semester.

Follow along as Reagan expresses her experiences, fears, and truths about living on campus during a pandemic.

A Look into Conducting a COVID-19 Research Study - by Amanda Zhang

Kaihong Su is an immunologist conducting a COVID-19 serology study in collaboration with San Bernardino County and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in California. She is co-heading this project to study virus immunity in coronavirus patients. Su will look at the quantity and quality of patients’ immune response by collecting COVID-19 patient samples and tracking their progress for a year.

Su speaks about how COVID-19 has affected her and takes us through a day in her work life. Right now, she is recruiting non-infected controls for the study.

COVID Creativity - by Diego Ramos

Claudia Rojas uses her new found free time to complete crafting projects that help restore furniture around the house in Queens, NY. 2020.

A sad ending and uncertain beginning - by Catherine Orihuela

With the spread of the coronavirus projected to last much longer than anticipated, high school seniors’ college decisions may be affected. For many teenagers, college is the first “adult” decision that they will make in their lives. But with the uncertainty that this virus presents, students like Matt Orihuela — a senior at Santa Margarita Catholic a high School in Orange County, CA — worry about their college choice and whether this first step toward their future may be misplaced.

USC students recreate campus in Minecraft - by Dylan Palacios

After having to leave campus due to Covid-19, students felt homesick and sought to reconnect to campus in what way they could. The Minecraft server is open to the public, so if you’d like to help build campus or just play with some friends from USC join the Discord for more information.

Graduating High School Senior Josette Odgers on Coping with Corona - by Josette Odgers

Josette takes us through the emotional roller coaster of her senior year amidst cancelled graduations and quarantine.

International students impacted by the pandemic - by Xiangyuan Chi

COVID-19 has brought collateral impact on international students, including travel bans, overpriced flight tickets and suspended visa.

COVID-19 Impact in elementary schools - by Olivia Rae Hernandez

From a teacher’s perspective, going to online school in elementary school is something new and difficult. This is about two teachers in nearby districts talking about some of the upsides and downsides to the new way of teaching.

Theatre classes go online - by Alexis Timko

Every student is suffering at the hands of #coronavirus right now. Classes have been cancelled or moved online, with the possibility of continuity in the fall. Arts students are particularly suffering. See how two students are keeping busy in their theatre classes.

Double Duty: Navigating the pandemic as a teacher and a parent - by Marlize Duncan

Ahnise Steward is a single mother from Pomona, California who is tackling the Zoom learning environment for the first time with her 5-year-old daughter, Aymee. When school started back in August, Steward had to begin learning the woes of navigating teacher and parent life to a high energy and always curious child.

The dog’s days of the pandemic - by Giulia Orsenigo

Lionel is probably one of the few who’s thrilled to be quarantined with his family. This past year has been hard on him, so spending some quality time with his humans is a great way to decompress. He’s committed to making the most out of this pandemic - if anything, more time at home means more opportunities for mischief. #doggolife #quaranqueen👑

Being an 89-year-old grandpa during COVID-19 - by Anthony Gharib

My 89-year-old grandpa is one of the strongest people I know. He’s been active and in great shape all his life. When COVID-19 hit, he had to readjust his schedule accordingly. He has figured out how to stay active and safe during the quarantine.

Rebeca Martinez, 15, is a sophomore in high school doing online schooling - by Rosana Martinez

Rebeca Martinez, 15, is a sophomore in high school doing online schooling. During quarantine, she and her dad found creative ways to stay busy and one of those was painting competitions. In total, they have done over five paintings each.

“It’s a good way to distract and relax me,” Martinez said.

Life goes on amid pandemic - by Chrissa Loukas

Alex spread joy during quarantine and people around him still crave his cooking. While COVID-19 forced people to re-evaluate their every-day habits, it also made them renew their relationships with homemade food. Alex’s life partner and friends are his family far away from home.

Community and Self-Love in the time of COVID-19 - by Esther Cho

Esther explores what it’s like to be part of an online community of video editors in the time of COVID-19 and reflects on how she’s practiced self-love as a creator.

Anchoring the news from home - by Ava Brand

Ava Brand is a sports anchor at Annenberg Media. Since the pandemic hits, she had to report remotely from her home - and that was faced by challenges.

Workout to Work Through - by Bianca Bueno

Student-athletes shared their struggles and alternative workout plans to keep themselves motivated during the pandemic.

Left Out - by Alexis Gebhardt

During these times when wearing a mask is a necessity to prevent further spread of COVID-19, the deaf and hard of hearing are often left in the lurch. Without being able to see people’s lips and facial expressions, many deaf and hard of hearing have no way to communicate. Watch to hear what a USC hard of hearing student and Deaflympics champion think about this barrier.

Careers & COVID-19 - by Abigail Martichenko

COVID-19 disrupted the job market for many artists, including dancers, actors/actresses and filmmakers. But these aspiring young artists are adapting in their own ways and finding new possibilities.

One step closer to the childhood dream - by Celine Mendiol

Brian Clark Jr., or Briny, decided to leave his family and join the Navy during the pandemic. His family members shared their memories with Briny as he makes the first major step into the military - Military Entrance Processing.

17-Year-old reflects on life amid the covid-19 pandemic - by Oscar Brito

The transition to online school has been particularly interesting for Obed Ocasta. He just turned 17 and this is his junior year of high school. This is also his first year living in a different home from the one he had been accustomed to the first 16 years of his life. Even while navigating through a new home, a pandemic and this new journey of online school, Acosta has still found various ways to stay sane and productive.

A day in a life of teaching during a Pandemic - by Una Stanisavljevic

Behavior Support Specialist, Irena Stanisavljevic, comes to work at Valencia Valley Elementary every day with a smile on her face, excited to help in and out of the classroom. Along with daily schedules adjusted to fit the peer’s needs, innovative ways are being met in order to provide essential learning virtually.

These stories were produced through courses on visual journalism led by Amara Aguilar, Olivia Smith and Robert Meeks, and reviewed by multiple faculty members. Annenberg Media student editors reviewed the story and published it per newsroom guidelines.

Correction made at 9:55 a.m. on March 22: the story has been updated to meet privacy concerns.