Watching Ludwig watch VGHS on Twitch

This is esports

Ludwig is watching VGHS on stream right now. It seems deeply important. Maybe it’s a time of day/state of mind sort of thing. Me being half-awake at 1:30 A.M. on a Wednesday night, checking to see if there’s anything going on on Twitch. The front page is slapping me in the face with characters I haven’t seen since middle school.

Thirty-thousand people are watching a show where in the top right corner some guy is also watching the show with his girlfriend. Earlier he explained Season One so she could pick up at Season Two. Fantastic recap. I was all caught up, the whole time sitting in my chair, half passed out, half baked, beaming at my computer every time a pivotal moment from my game-addled, YouTube ridden adolescence was mentioned so casually.

Is it the fact that the big esports names are on Twitter talking about the first real (first good) esports drama out there? Is it because the top stream on Twitch right now is someone watching TV? Do I just yearn for another season of VGHS? Can someone mint Ludwig’s stream? Like, can they do that and turn it into an NFT and make a couple hundred bucks? A couple thousand?

I don’t even know. It’s 2:04 a.m, and everything’s all bonkers in the games, in the streams, on the platforms, etc, and etc.