Ariana Grande’s “Positions” is the Woman Empowerment We Need

The pop star shows off a more confident and sophisticated sound in the lead single for her upcoming sixth album.

It might not be the whistle tone pop anthem Arianators were searching for, but Ariana Grande’s lead  single “Positions” from her upcoming sixth studio album of the same name is the empowerment we all need.

The mellow, sultry, single is laced with the R&B pop Grande introduced with her last album, “thank u, next.” The song is less about showy vocals and is instead more of a down to earth bop. Given what had happened to Grande when “thank u, next” was released, regarding Mac Miller’s death, it seems now with the album “Positions,” listeners meet Grande with an airy breeze of confidence, a stronger woman after healing.

The “Positions” music video features Grande in the White House as president, an overt nod to the upcoming election. While the song is a soft exclamation of women empowerment, Grande certainly knew the importance of voting and the messages she sent with the White House themed music video and by honoring postal workers with awards.

Throughout the song and music video, Grande switches positions within the White House and within her own life, signaling that women can do and be more than one thing, and be successful at the same time.

“Boy I’m tryna meet your mama / On a Sunday / Then make a lotta love / On a Monday,” Grande sings before she switches her positions and makes legislation, cooks for the White House, and holds White House briefings.

This dynamic is a reminder that women are multifaceted. Women can simultaneously be in love and be powerful in the workforce, and if a woman wants, she can also choose one or the other. Grande shows that women can be feminine and powerful at the same time by simply switching their positions.

The vibe Grande is looking to go for with the release of the album “Positions” is obvious. She no longer has to show off every vocal range she possesses, instead she is using the start of her new era by showing off her storytelling and message capabilities, resulting in a more sophisticated era than her previous releases.

It will be interesting to see a Grande album possibly not riddled with high notes like past albums. Instead, “Positions” seems like the confident and self-assured older sister and Grande is ready to empower those around her.

The album “Positions” will be released on Oct. 30, 2020.