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Students respond to university decision to cancel spring break

Instead of a traditional spring break, USC plans to schedule wellness days.

USC announced Wednesday the cancellation of Spring break for the 2021 spring semester to try to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We asked students and a USG Senator their thoughts on losing their spring break and having to cancel plans. Ester Cho has more.


USC’s announcement last Wednesday to cancel spring break came after a long period of uncertainty on this issue from the administration.

With a strenuous virtual fall semester coming to an end, it’s not easy to approach with an open mind... the idea of losing an entire spring recess!

“I think it’s a terrible decision not to have spring break.”

Ajay Orona is a first year grad student at Annenberg.

“We need to have a break from this constant Zoom and being on computers and being cooped up inside.”

Orona, like many students, uses spring break to help restore his physical and mental health.

“I hope that they really reconsider this decision and really think about the students best interests and really the health of the entire college community.”

If, for example, you’re studying dance at USC Kauffman, your feet, and the rest of you, just need a break! Says junior dance major, Anijah Lezama.

“We’re dancing anywhere from 21 to about 24 hours a week, so that Spring break is much needed, you know, for our bodies to get that rest, so I think it’s quite disappointing.”

USC is planning on instituting personal wellness days throughout the Spring semester, in place of the traditional Spring Break. That should help Anijah Lezama.

“I also know that USC is really conscious about upholding those guidelines to help students and professors stay healthy by eliminating Spring break so that we can all come back as an entire unit next year.”

University Student Government Senator Max Gomez says if students were to gather for fun somewhere for Spring Break as they traditionally do, they could spread and contract Covid-19.

“USC students are not just making choices that impact their home and their roommates and their friends. They’re impacting the South central community in Los Angeles, a vastly diverse community of marginalized identities and lower-income Angelenos. We’re asking students to sort of take that into account and take into account our community’s welfare as we ask them to make sacrifices.”

The news that Spring Break has been cancelled comes at a stressful and chaotic time, when students are riddled with studying for exams as we head into this semester’s final stretch.