TJ [Tito Joe] Jackson, a member of the famous Jackson clan, is stepping out on his own and breaking ground on his solo career with his new song “Last Night.” Listeners might find themselves head bobbing, shoulder shaking, and hand clapping, when they hear the groovy beat.

Jackson found his initial musical success with his brothers, Taj and Taryll, in the group 3T signed to their uncle Michael Jackson’s record label. Their debut album “The Brotherhood” sold around 3 million copies. They went on to sell out arenas and tour around the world. The trio also had a reality show called, “The Jacksons: Next Generation.” All of his accolades contribute to who he is. Something that his uncle Michael said that always rang true to him is “music and art is something that is so powerful”. But nothing is more powerful to Jackson than family.

His new song “Last Night” is about wanting to go back to last night with that special someone. The song is all about wanting to make a moment last forever. Jackson wants the same for his music. By creating a sound “[that’s] old school R&B with modern elements,” Jackson is making music that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. The song elicits a familiar feeling, it transports you to a happier, energetic time where everyone went out and danced for the fun of it. There’s a longevity to it that makes “the song live not only during the time it comes out but a lot longer.” His music is about moving people. His uncle, Michael Jackson, said, “art can really move people and really supply some great experiences to them."

The catchy beat accompanied by a strong melody is a throwback to his uncle’s “Off the Wall” period. Jackson wants the track to showcase a performance so he included live instrumentation. In his words, “there’s nothing like that.” From the Jackson 5, to Michael and Janet, the Jackson legacy is known for putting on a show. TJ’s music is no different, it makes the listener feel as if he were performing right in front of them. In the theme of family, Jackson features players who have worked with either himself or his family. Musicians include Cornelius Mims, Wes Little, and Leif Shires, all who have toured with artists like: Phil Collins, Robben Ford, and Shania Twain. The dynamic record is one that is sure to be a staple in summertime playlists.

“[It’s] that old school R&B with modern elements,” Jackson said. “I want my music to be able to last and to not be just something that is current for the time but something that people can enjoy for years to come.”

“Last Night” is the first song to be released from TJ Jackson’s new EP with the video to be released on May 29.