Bad Bunny releases new album YHLQMDLG

New album racks up more than 78 million streams on Spotify in a single day

Benito Antonio Martínez, or better known as Bad Bunny, is on a hot streak with the newest project he just dropped this 2020 year. He is following up on the success brought by his debut album X 100pre released in 2018.

Right now, Bad Bunny shows his drive to release new music and content that attracts fans from all over the world. He is debuting new music videos that complement the latest album he has released recently. Each music video corresponds to one of the twenty tracks included on the album. Before releasing the album, Bad Bunny had been on a campaign waiting for the right moment to drop his latest project.

Bad Bunny performed for a massive audience of 103 million television viewers on February 2 when he joined Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl halftime show. However, the Puerto Rican artist showed audiences that he would not fade into oblivion after this notable spectacle.

While appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on February 27, Bad Bunny unexpectedly declared the Saturday release of his second studio album, YHLQMDLG (“Yo hago lo que me da la gana”). The album consists of a total of twenty songs and features a plethora of various Latinx artists like Daddy Yankee, Ñengo Flow, and Anuel AA. “Vete” currently stands as the most listened to song on the album achieving over 230 million plays on Spotify already.

Before making the announcement, Bad Bunny hinted at the unveiling of a new project when he tweeted the hashtag #YHLQMDLG in one of his posts on Twitter. He also implied that the album would feature twenty tracks in a February 24 Twitter post.

YHLQMDLG received wide acclaim upon its release from publications such as Rolling Stone. Music listeners contributed to the album’s success on Spotify. The music streaming service reported that Bad Bunny was the #1 most streamed artist on its platform with 78.18 million streams achieved by 9.07 million listeners on February 29. Furthermore, all of the album’s songs managed to place on Spotify’s Global Chart with 4 of those songs being in the top ten.

Even YouTube functions as a major platform driving the Puerto Rican’s massive success . The music video for the song “Pero Ya No” sits at #9 on the YouTube Trending list as of March 3. The YouTube Music section currently features a majority of YHLQMDLG’s songs.