On the anniversary of the Borderline Bar and Grill massacre, we speak with survivors, visit a newly opened Healing Garden in Thousand Oaks, and look at long term policy solutions for gun violence.

This week, USC announced Mike Bohn as their new athletic director and also that it will be restructuring its Board of Trustees over the next few years. We also cover a Louis Vuitton and League of Legends collaboration, Chris Brown’s yard sale, and what a group of war veterans are doing to make LA their home.

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A memorial for victims of the Borderline mass shooting opened today
By Nicola Wenz

Borderline survivors, friends and family gather in Thousand Oaks for the opening of the Healing Garden memorial, in honor of the shooting’s 12 victims.

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Borderline survivors talk about healing on the anniversary of the Borderline Shooting
By Julia Conoscenti

In the last year, survivors, friends, and families have created communities of support to help the recovery process.

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How California gun laws have changed one year after Borderline mass shooting
By Stina Chang

It’s been one year since the mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. 12 people died in what was considered a safe community space. Yet, our country continued to experience mass shootings. Has anything changed since then?

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USC might host the December presidential debate
By Nancy Guan

A dispute between the UCLA’s largest labor group and the university has led the DNC to move the location of its December debate. Sources say USC is on the shortlist.

* * * * *
USC announced Mike Bohn as the university’s new athletic director

Bohn is one of University President Carol Folt’s first hires since she was inaugurated. He will replace former Trojan athlete Lynn Swann, who resigned from the position in early September.

* * * * *
USC Board of Trustees Chairman announces sweeping changes to the Board’s structure
By Raymond Rapada, Eduardo Ocampo

Board chairman Rick Caruso announced on Tuesday that the board would modernize its governance structure over the next three years. One of the biggest changes is reducing the number of board members by nearly half.

* * * * *
This theatre in LA is helping students with special needs
By Molly Hersh

The Miracle Project seeks to include individuals of all abilities in the arts. Teachers at the theater help students perform and learn how to better connect with themselves and others.

* * * * *
US Army engineers say the Mojave River dam could collapse
By Jillian Carmenate, Sinead Chang

A change in rating standards has raised the dam’s status to “high urgency action”.

* * * * *
Officials say e-scooter riders aren’t following the rules
By Yixin Zhou

E-scooter laws aren’t common knowledge, and officials say riders break them frequently.

* * * * *
Chris Brown held a yard sale. It drew long lines and big spending
By Kevin McNamara

Armed guards organized the chaos outside Brown’s home, as hundreds of fans poured in to buy the singer’s second-hand clothing and possessions.

* * * * *
League of Louis: A high fashion brand goes virtual
By Xiaoting Wang

High fashion atelier Louis Vuitton and e-sports giant League of Legends dropped their first in-game designer ‘skin’ last week. Clothing-conscious gamers can get it from an online store.

* * * * *
A group of “Warrior Bards” is healing trauma with ancient Greek drama
By Isaiah Murtaugh

The Warrior Bards theater troupe is composed entirely of U.S. military vets. They are updating and performing ancient Greek dramas for modern day Los Angeles. Catch their performances November 14 at the Hollywood American Legion, November 21 at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, or closer to campus at the Ground Zero Performance Cafe on December 3rd. More info on the Ground Zero performance at https://calendar.usc.edu/event/warrior_bards_veterans_exploring_ancient_drama#.XcS_Ji2ZNQI.

Editor’s note: This story misstated the age of the play Philoctetes. It is 2,500 years old, not 3,000.