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From Where We Are: October 15, 2019

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On today’s episode of From Where We Are, we look at sexual assault awareness on campus and the latest on the Southern California wildfires, along with some surprising college poll results going into the Democratic debates. We also celebrate the life of Annenberg professor Ed Cray, and talk to students about the Great California Shakeout and the drill’s effectiveness — or lack thereof. Our weekly Ampersand segment focuses on “poptimism:” the idea that pop music is just as worthy of pro critique as rock and other genres. All this and more…FROM WHERE WE ARE.

Producers: Aiyonna White, Zazu Lippert and Isaiah Murtaugh

Hosts: Sophia Hausch and Yana Carr

Technical Director: Yuki Liang

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USC students on their opinions about socialism

By Eva Shinavski

A few decades ago, no viable presidential candidate would have run on a socialist platform, but now, socialism has gone mainstream! Eva Shinavski asked USC students what these categories really mean to young potential voters.

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Returning to Saddleridge

By Daniel Hailpern

The Saddleridge Fire has burned nearly 8400 acres in the hills of northern San Fernando Valley. As of early Tuesday, it was 45% contained, but evacuation orders have been lifted and folks have been going back to their homes for the past three days. We talked to some USC students whose families were evacuated for this fire and previous ones.

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Captain Nick Perricelli talks Saddleridge, fire safety

Captain Nick Perricelli of Cal Fire joins our hosts live to discuss evacuation, fire preparedness, and risks during fire season.

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USC students are reporting sexual assault more often

By Baoqi “Eileen” Chen, Isaiah Murtaugh

USC released the 2019 Campus Climate Survey this morning, and it had surprising new information about student’s knowledge of sexual assault and the resources USC has to help students respond to it. We spoke with Associate Vice Provost Sara Van Orman about the results and what the university is doing to combat campus sexual assault.

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New USC poll wants to assess campus values

By Celine Maia Mendiola

President Carol Folt officially sent out the USC Cultural Values poll to all students, faculty, and staff on Monday. The goal of this poll is to assess the values of the USC community so that the Folt administration can effectively align their behaviors to what people on campus want to see in the future. Stacy Giwa, Vice President of Ethics and Compliance, emphasizes the importance of active participation in this poll.

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Ahead of Ohio debate, new poll shows college students favor Sanders over Biden

By Stina Chang, Andrea Klick, Jillian Carroll

A recent poll of college students across the country who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning showed that former Vice President Joe Biden is losing popularity. More college students, according to the poll, favor Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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Examining the effectiveness of the Great Californian Shakeout drill

The Great California Shakeout is Oct. 15, and it comes soon after a 4.5 magnitude quake up in the Bay Area, a subtle reminder that earthquakes aren’t that uncommon after all. But how to USC students feel about earthquakes? And do they think the shakeout prepares them?

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Former USC journalism professor remembered for his impact on students

By Sarah Barker

Ed Cray, retired USC journalism professor, died Oct. 8 in Palo Alto at the age of 86. His former colleagues reflect on the legacy he leaves behind, both at USC and outside of Annenberg.

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Looking ahead: ATVN broadcast

We talked with Nikki Walker, executive producer of our sister show ATVN, to see what segments they’ve been prepping for their broadcast tonight.