Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders postpones USC visit after heart procedure

Sanders’ latest health scare brings up debate about presidential age limits.

An event hosting Bernie Sanders at USC was canceled Wednesday, following complications with the presidential candidate’s health.

Sanders was supposed to attend a town hall organized by the USC Center for the Political Future on USC’s campus on Friday, Oct. 4. The Center for the Political Future partnered with FOX Los Angeles to organize a series of town halls, inviting presidential candidates to USC to address student questions. Sanders was scheduled to be the first candidate before canceling due to heart complications.

The presidential candidate was hospitalized Tuesday night after doctors discovered a blockage in an artery causing chest discomfort. Sanders tweeted Wednesday that he is “feeling good” and thanked everyone for the well wishes. In a statement, his campaign said that Sanders is canceling his events and appearances until further notice to allow the Vermont senator to rest.

Both the USC Center for the Political Future and Elex Michaelson from FOX LA, the scheduled host for Friday’s forum, wished Sanders a speedy recovery and confirmed the event would be postponed.

“We still hope that it happens and are confident that it will, it’s just not going to be happening on Friday,” Michaelson said in an interview with Annenberg Media.

Political Student Assembly Director Elle Viotto who co-planned the event was disappointed but wished the senator well.

“Part of the political student assembly’s mission is putting on events where students get a firsthand feel for politics,” Viotto said. “So having a presidential candidate speak on campus was going to be a great opportunity to do that.”

Sander’s health episode has reignited the conversation surrounding an age limit for presidential candidates. In September, former president Jimmy Carter promoted the idea for an age limit.

“If I were just 80 years old, if I was 15 years younger, I don’t believe I could undertake the duties I experienced when I was president,” President Carter said.

USC sophomore Nathan Viskovich said he agreed that there should be an age limit for presidential candidates.

“We need our leader of the country to be strong and fit and ready to make decisions and not have to worry about their own health,” Viskovich said.

Junior Gabrielle Maddox thought a specific age limit shouldn’t be set, but that health as its own category should be an important factor to consider.

“I don’t know exactly the variables or measurements that would go into that but I think that it’s definitely important that whoever is leading the country is of good health standing,” Maddox said.

However, sophomore Aveline Knoop was more optimistic about the situation. She said as long as someone recovers, they should still be able to run.

“[President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the wheelchair the whole time and he still was able to perform just fine,” Knoop said.

At age 78, Sanders is the oldest running presidential candidate in the 2020 race and if elected, would be the oldest president to be elected in history.