In the wake of 9 student deaths, Trojan parents are taking action. Trojan mom and alum Rory Bennett started a Facebook group called, “Local USC Mom and Dads on Call,” so that students can reach out to parents nearby USC for support.

“We’re here to help you in any way. Whether it’s a ride to a doctor’s office, a parent shoulder to talk to, advice, help with a project, love a dog and pet a puppy because you miss your house,” said parent Abby Roth Abrams.

Bennet says the group got over 1500 members and 6300 engagements in just under a week. The parents “on call” live anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours away.

The parents hosted their first event on campus. They brought baked goods and puppies for students to enjoy as they walk onto campus.

“I think it allows for people to have, to feel comforted and feel a sense of joy and acceptance,” said student Alexandra Beverlin.