USC Student Government Senator Jacob Ellenhorn is fighting a formal complaint filed by the USC Program Board accusing him of misusing his position.

Diana Jimenez, head of USG Program Board, filed the official complaint calling for Ellenhorn's removal from office. The complaint against Ellenhorn is rooted within three violations.

According to the complaint, Ellenhorn "misuses his title" and abuses his position by writing negative op-eds about fellow USG officials, including the director of the Women's Student Assembly. Ellenhorn is accused of writing the op-eds instead of meeting with the person directly to discuss their differences.

Second, Ellenhorn's position as the USC College Republicans president has created a "hostile" environment" for the USC Student Body.

Finally, Ellenhorn filmed a USC Program Board event for the college news site, "Campus Reform" without obtaining a film permit.

Early Tuesday morning, Ellenhorn tweeted:

In an interview with ATVN on Tuesday, Ellenhorn took issue with the charge stating: "The complaints are unfounded and ridiculous and my response is I will not stand down and continue speaking out and go out to ask many medias, individuals that want to interview me … I will speak on behalf of the story because I am not going to let them silence me. This has been happening across the country. People have been silenced. I am not going to be one of those individuals. I am going to stand up and fight for my rights." Ellenhorn has brought controversial speakers, such as Ben Shapiro, to campus and when asked by ATVN about those individuals, Ellenhorn rebutted, "The truth is: yes, I've brought controversial speakers to this campus, but that's because intellectual diversity is important. "Just because you go to an event, doesn't mean you have to agree with the speaker. It just brings a different opinion into the public sphere which is something incredibly important, especially on a college campus." READ MORE: USC Apologizes For Sexual Assault Survey Only USG senators have the power to remove a fellow senator from office. If senators do not act on the measure within 10 days, then the complaint officially becomes void. Ellenhorn's senate term ends in three weeks on its own.