For one USC student, the 2016 Presidential election offers a first: a candidate worth rooting for and aligning with.

Jacob Ellenhorn is a senior at the University of Southern California where he is serves as the President of the USC College Republicans as well as a senator for the Undergraduate Student Government.

"Politics have always been something I was pulled towards. I constantly find myself looking at the world around us and how we choose to operate, and quite frankly I find it deeply disturbing," he said. "That's what drew me to the political scene: just a desire to change what I was seeing around me."

For him, politics were something he had always grown up with. His mother immigrated to the United States in 1974 fleeing the growing Communist party in Russia. It was this fact, along with his Jewish faith, that have influenced his political views.

"I like to think of my conservatism as intersectional. I am a young and engaged individual who is concerned about my future and I have seen that the liberals have been incapable of securing a better [future] for my generation," he explained. "The Republican party allows room for individual responsibility, a value I believe to be very important."

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Upon first glance, Jacob might not appear to be the stereotypical "conservative." Demographics listed by The Washington Post, show that some of the top three Republican-leaning groups include aging, married and Christian men. Though Jacob, who showed up to our interview in his favorite ensemble, a "hashtag F#ck you" sweatshirt, may not fit that exact profile, he does believe he has found a home with the Republican party.

"People's perceptions about what conservatives should look and act like are just that, they are perceptions. I think that it is people like me who represent the future of the party and conservatism in general," he said. "The only place I feel unwelcome is in places dominated by left-wingers."

What other people perceive of him has never bothered Jacob, and he is the first to speak out on what he believes in, regardless of what others might think or say in response. For example, take who he believes should become the next Mr. President…or shall we say Madam President in this case.

"It's all Carly for me," he said. "She communicates the conservative message in a way that is so relatable for everyday Americans."

Carly Fiorina represents one of ten candidates still vying for the title of the Republican Presidential nominee. For Jacob, it was her position as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard as well as her time as an advisor to the John McCain campaign team that make her the best candidate for the job.

Jacob currently serves as the California State Director of the organization, "Students for Carly."

"To be honest I am tired of seeing politicians from the political class who promise us the world and offer us nothing. I think that it really is time to have an accomplished businesswoman lead. Carly for me, is the embodiment of the American Dream, someone who understands our struggles and can deliver on her promises," he said.

As the race draws closer, Ellenhorn has taken his passion for politics directly to the Fiorina campaign team. In the last month he signed on to a position as the California State Director of "Students for Carly," an organization aimed at bringing young voters to the polls, and more specifically to the Fiorina team.

"There is this huge belief that [millenials] don't care about voting, we don't care about politics, when in fact we do care and we care deeply. It is the politicians and people in the media who are doing a terrible job of communicating to people our age," he said.

Ellenhorn hopes the "Students for Carly" message of conservatism and leadership will resonate with young voters.

"A lot of politicians cannot accurately describe conservatism to an audience and make it something that sounds appealing, but I think that she can and she does and she has," he explained.

"My generation has had to sit back and watch idly as Obama and the Democrats have managed the decline of our nation and our nation's reputation globally…We understand it's time for a big change," he said.

While Fiorina showed strong support early on, representing the only female right-winged candidate, after her performance in the Iowa caucus, many believe her time left in the campaign is dwindling. But despite her negative performance, Ellenhorn is still excited to see what becomes of the Presidential race.

"Through college and in leading the College Republicans, dealing with 'liberal nut-jobs' and now garnering support for Carly, my convictions have been strengthened completely," he said. "It will be exciting and nerve wracking to say the least, to see how this election turns out."

"For me, I am just tired of broken promises. The government for the past four years has been doing an awful job at taking care of anything," he said. "Everything that they touch becomes slower, more inefficient, and more expensive. My biggest hope is that others can see it that clearly and vote for a change, whether that be for Carly or another Republican candidate."

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