On today’s show, fires continue to burn in California, Rep. Katie Hill gives her resignation speech, and we hear from one parent who flew from very far away for Trojan Family Weekend. We also go live from Olvera Street and one reporter got an exclusive interview with USC President Carol Folt.

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Crews continue efforts to contain wildfires up and down California

Cal Fire Capt. Nick Perricelli shares updates on crews battling California’s wildfires, including how firefighters are making sure they have enough resources to continue the fight.

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Life at Los Angeles’ evacuation shelters
By Kevin McNamara and Abby Washer

As as multiple wildfires cause thousands to be evacuated across Southern California, emergency personnel provide vital access to shelter.

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Smoke from California’s fires are causing health concerns
By Nicola Wenz

With the fires, the air quality in Los Angeles has gotten pretty bad. One expert says breathing smokey air can be as bad as smoking cigarettes.

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Despite encroaching flames, the Getty Center is safe
By Yixin Zhou

When the Getty Fire broke out on Monday morning in Brentwood, concerns arose about protecting the world-renowned museum at the center. But the Getty is actually a very safe place to store art. That’s by design.

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Congresswoman gives resignation speech as House moves forward on impeachment

On Thursday, former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill gave her resignation speech on the House floor. Also on Thursday, the House made its first significant vote on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

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How the 2020 Election is inspiring Halloween
By Kate Johnston, Twesha Dikshit

What’s scarier than a ghost? More than a dozen people running for president! Find out how some students are taking inspiration from presidential hopefuls for their costumes this Halloween.

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USC President Carol Folt answers questions from student journalist
By Joshua Chang

Earlier this afternoon, USC President Carol Folt paid a surprise visit to the USC Annenberg media center, where she answered a question about the administration’s plans to provide more mental health resources on campus.

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How some USC students are celebrating Halloween with their families this year
By Arielle Smith

USC’s annual Trojan Family Weekend falls on Halloween this year, which has led to some interesting conversations between students and their parents.

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Olvera Street celebrates the Day of the Dead
By Becky Sweeney

Los Angeles residents headed to Olvera Street to celebrate Día de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. Some businesses have been in the neighborhood for generations while others are experiencing their first year.

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Root Source: Spoopy
By Alexander Song, Raymond Rapada

The word “spoopy” has been haunting the internet as the definition for things that are cute and spooky. But where did it come from?