On today’s show, Californians are facing the threat of fires across the state. Northern California already has hundreds of thousands of people without power, and Southern California's numbers are steadily rising. Today we will have a special interview with Cal Fire Captain Nick Perricelli.

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A special interview with Cal Fire Captain Nick Perricelli.

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Thousands of SoCal residents face power outages

More than half a million customers are without power in Northern California and nearly 13 thousand don’t have power in Southern California right now. More blackouts are expected and about two-hundred-thousand could find themselves in the dark later this evening. (By Arielle Smith)

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Man who allegely sold lethal drug to late rapper Mac Miller arraigned

Cameron Pettit, who allegedly selling the drugs that killed rapper and record producer Mac Miller last year appeared in Los Angeles Federal Court for his arraignment today. He pled Not Guilty. Pettit faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in federal prison if convicted of a charge related to Miller’s death. (By Yana Carr)

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Why some Asian Americans are NOT happy with Andrew Yang’s tweets

As one of the two presidential candidates who identify as Asian American, Andrew Yang is gaining more and more traction -- A recent Chegg/College Pulse Weekly poll showed Yang as the third most popular candidate for Democratic and Democratic-leaning college students. However, a flurry of recent public image faux-pas are putting his credibility within the Asian American community in question. (By Joshua Chang)

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New California bill bans facial recognition in police body cameras

Gov. Gavin Newsom passed a bill Tuesday banning the use of facial recognition technology on police body cameras for three years. While supporters of facial recognition say that the technology needs time to improve, others like ACLU attorney Matt Cagle worry that facial recognition is unreliable and invasive. (By Celine Mendiola)

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South LA activists protest LAPD racial bias

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles times investigation revealed significant trends of racial bias within the LAPD. on Wednesday, activist group push la held a protest in front of the LAPD headquarters. (By Isabella Meneses)

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Cory Booker Releases College Sports Policy Proposal

Senator Cory Booker brought a California conversation to the national stage this morning. Booker, who is running for president, released an extensive policy proposal on October 10th that would allow college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsements Booker’s national proposal builds on a law that Gavin Newsom signed two weeks ago. (By Chace Beech)

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More and more colleges don’t require SAT and ACT scores to apply

More than 1,000 colleges across the country have stopped requiring the SAT and ACT as part of the admission process. but will USC follow suit? (By Kellie Miller)

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Grubhub to replace Tapingo as USC eateries’ food pickup app

Do you order food online for pick-up at USC? If you do, you now have to use a different app than the one you may be used to. (By Caroline Kucera)