Soren Baker has spent the last 25 years documenting hip-hop culture in some way, shape or form. The Maryland native began writing about music for his college paper in the early '90s and quickly transitioned to penning articles for The Source, Vibe and XXL magazines as well as the New York TimesChicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Soren Baker with Match Volume co-host Tracii McGregor inside Studio B at USC Annenberg’s Media Center.
Soren Baker with Match Volume co-host Tracii McGregor inside Studio B at USC Annenberg’s Media Center.

A former news editor for, Baker has also authored several books. His digitally released I'm The White Guy series documents his adventures interviewing artists like Snoop Dogg, TechN9ne and Jay-Z in the early days of their careers.

Baker's newest tome, The History of Gangsta Rap (Atrium), features insight from hip-hop luminaries Schoolly D, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Ice T, DJ Quik, MC EihtMasta Ace, and many others. It is available at booksellers worldwide and is currently being translated into Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. The audio book arrives July 23, 2019.

News about the environment has gotten increasingly dire these past few years. It seems the realization has begun to sink in for many of us: the way we're living is simply not sustainable. And if we want to continue life as we know it, we must act. Luckily for us, Mike Berners-Lee is here to help us sort through what needs to be done.

Berners-Lee is one of the world’s leading experts in carbon footprinting, that is measuring the amount of greenhouse gases caused by a particular person, organization, event, or product. He is the founder and principal consultant at Small World Consulting as well as a professor and senior fellow at the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University.

His latest book, There is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years, is his attempt to break down each of the most pressing issues facing our planet today, from the food we eat to the way we travel to the values we need to have going forward. With writing that manages to feel breezy and conversational, Berners-Lee takes readers through it all while providing easy, actionable advice about the steps we can all take towards a more sustainable future.