Two Trojans have spoken out about feeling shamed for their sexual practice by former USC campus physician following news that he is being sued by six former gay and bisexual students for sexual misconduct and discrimination.

"I just had a feeling I knew who he was" before opening any news reports to confirm Kelly's identity, said Buck Andrews, who graduated from USC in 2018. "I scrolled down and I saw the name. I immediately thought back to conversations with many USC students about him, particular their experience with him."

In an interview with Annenberg Media, Andrews, who identifies as a gay male, recalled that while he was still an undergrad, he visited Kelly's office and wanted to know more about PrEP, which is a medicine for lowering the risk of getting HIV. Andrews alleges Kelly told him to "stop sleeping around." Andrew said Kelly prevented him from seeking the treatment because he felt shamed about his sexual practices.

"I was 19. I was really young and I had no idea if that's the standard practice," Andrews said. "It led me not to investigate PrEP any further. I think I started to look into PrEP a year later because I was so traumatized by this experience."

Andrew served as Undergraduate Student Government senator from 2017 to 2018. Andrew said he heard from others that his experience was not an isolated experience with Kelly, so he has brought the issue to USG members and staff at Engemann Student Health Center.

"[Engemman] extensively responded my [concern]. Their staff were working to update their practice. There was reaction to my words," he said.

The lawsuit alleges that Kelly targeted the young men with unexplained demands for rectal examinations and told patients strip in front of him. The earliest complaints date back to 2007 and the most recent ones noted in the lawsuit are from 2014.

Annenberg Media attempted on Tuesday to reach Kelly, including a visit to an address believed to be his home, but we didn't succeed. Kelly denied allegations in a Los Angeles Times report and said: "I know I did it all professionally and without any other motives."

Current student Roy Pankey, who is also a reporter for Annenberg Media, also told the publication he felt being shamed after his appointment with Kelly. Pankey first time saw Kelly in the fall of 2017 to get PrEP.

Neither Pankey nor Andrews are party of the lawsuit.

"I remember feeling really ashamed and embarrassed by my sexual practice. He basically just slut-shamed me," Pankey said. "I left crying actually."

Pankey said he had no other choice for a men's sexual health doctor at Engemman, so he saw him another four or five times.

He was not surprised to see Kelly getting sued.

"I can't say that I was surprised. What [the lawsuit] detailed was, in my opinion, worse than what I was experiencing with him," he said. "Judging by how he made me feel after the first time I saw him, I wasn't  surprised that other people had similar experience."

Pankey said he feels disappointed to see another sexual misconduct case coming out from the student health center.

"That's a place we should be able to trust their service and feel comfortable going to," he said. "I don't think all doctors there are bad. All the other doctors and the one I am seeing now are great."

Annenberg Media told USC about Andrews' and Pankey's allegations on Wednesday to seek comment.  USC sent the same response on Wednesday that they had provided on Tuesday: "We are aware of the lawsuit and are concerned by its allegations. We're working to understand the facts of this matter. We care deeply about our entire Trojan family, including our LGBTQ+ community, and take this matter very seriously. We will provide more information as it's available."

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Xinyan Zhang contributed to this report.