Presidential and vice presidential candidates Debbie Lee and Blake Ackerman debated opponents Mai Mizuno and Brianna Bozek. Brittany Hope moderated the the debate.

1. What can students really do about tuition increases?

The candidates acknowledged increasing tuition costs for students. Both tickets agreed that the administration needs to focus on transparency and affordability. Lee and Ackerman said that tuition hikes are impossible to freeze. Mizuno agreed and also said that she protested a $2,000 increase in tuition for Spring 2016.

2. How will each ticket make fraternity and sorority life safer?

Ackerman said speed bumps would ensure safety on the street by preventing cars from speeding down "The Row" and putting student's safety at risk. In order to reduce overcrowding at particular houses, Mizuno said she will eliminate tailgate restrictions from fraternities in good university standing.

3. How can USG help students and the university address safety issues?

Mizuno proposed that the university require online safety courses for active shooters and increase DPS transparency in response to national shootings and the false shooter report on campus last year. Lee and Ackerman prioritized university-wide sexual assault training for both faculty and staff.

4. Candidates want more student engagement with the administration.

Both tickets agreed that one of their main goals is to solicit student involvement when engaging with administration.

5. How can USC focus on mental health and access to care?

In response to a question on USC Engemann Student Health Center's accessibility to students, Lee and Ackerman said they want to establish rest and meditation spaces at the university to improve campus wellness. Bozek stated she had personal issues herself when using the health center's facilities. She proposed to have a state of mental health survey issued across campus.

6. What’s next?

A town hall on diversity and inclusion will be held on Tuesday at 7:45 p.m. at Wallis Annenberg Hall. Submit your questions for the candidates here.