On Wednesday, the International Fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon and Trojan Advocates for Political Progress teamed up to host an event on Trousdale Parkway called "Postcards for Representatives," which gave students the means to ensure the issues they care about are being heard by local government representatives.

Students were encouraged to write postcards to local House and Senate officials regarding issues they're passionate about. Postcards and postage were provided for free to students, who could choose to remain anonymous.

Social media directs much of the political discussion that USC students participate in. Frederick Balian, the External Vice President of DPE, noted that online conversation isn't the most active way to speak up.

"It's easy to post a complaint or criticism on Facebook but that is not the most effective way to create change," said Balian. "We wanted to give concerned students a direct line of contact to their representatives."

While the event got students to initiate conversation with representatives, its underlying purpose was to foster political dialogue within the USC community.

"We want to foster a place where people aren't afraid to say how they feel politically and speak up," DPE Philanthropy Chair Sheridan Smith said. "No matter what your political affiliation is, your voice matters, and what you say to your representative matters."

DPE and TAPP hope to host more events like "Postcards for Representatives" in the future in order to continue the conversation.

"Students need to keep getting involved," said TAPP founder Jacob Lind. "There's always hope in democracy."