A nude statue of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that was placed on a Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk on August 18th is now on display at a nearby gallery in Los Feliz.

Trump's likeness, one of five that was placed in major cities across the country, received widespread attention from major news outlets and on social media for its brash depiction of the nominee.

An off-beat bookstore and art gallery, Soap Plant and Wacko, offered to show the statue free of admission after authorities ordered its removal from the sidewalk.

"We're supporting First Amendment issues, freedom of speech and artistic expression," gallery director Matt Kennedy said. "We're not going to monetize it at this point because we want people to be able to enjoy it."

Dozens of people arrived at the gallery Friday morning to see the statue in person and capture selfies with it. Many were amused by the grotesque portrayal of Trump and took pictures of the statue from all angles, zooming in on the most striking parts of its anatomy.

An overwhelming majority of viewers were anti-Trump. One wore a "Dump Trump" T-shirt, others donned Hillary Clinton gear, and one gentleman sported a golden-brown toupee, seemingly mocking the Republican nominee.

But there were some Trump supporters at the gallery who found the piece intriguing.

"I think it's interesting and enough of a piece of art that the Hillary supporters can make fun of it, but I also think it draws an interest in those of us that do support Trump," Marylee Goian said.

A spokesman for the street art collective IDECLINE, which has taken credit for the statue, said reactions to the piece have been "overwhelmingly positive."

"I was in New York City at Union Square at the install and people were just so overjoyed," said the representative, who asked not to be named. "We watched hundreds of people react to it for the first time. We saw them look up and stop and do a double-take and their mouth would fall open."

Many visitors, including Hillary Clinton supporter Tony Gonzalez, see the statue as a welcome diversion from the contentious rhetoric surrounding this year's election.

"We have to laugh at him because everything he's been saying about every race has been making us so upset," Gonzalez said. "I just have to laugh now."

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