Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary elections in Georgia and Virginia, while Bernie Sanders won his home state of Vermont. Donald Trump won in Georgia, which counts as his fourth state victory this election season.

The Associated Press reported that in the two states Clinton won, the most important quality to voters in primary exit polls was experience. However, among those who rated trustworthiness as their top priority, more in both states supported Sanders.

For the Democrats, of the 213 delegates available in the three total states, so far 108 are guaranteed to Clinton and 57 are guaranteed to Sanders. The remaining 48 will be distributed based on further results.

For Republicans, there were 76 delegates up for grabs in Georgia. According to the Los Angeles Times, "thirty-one delegates will be awarded proportionally to any candidate receiving more than a fifth of the statewide vote. But if any candidate wins more than half the vote, he gets all 31."

Trump had the following message for his Twitter audience:

Thank you Georgia!#SuperTuesday #Trump2016

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 2, 2016

Exit polls from Georgia and Virginia, show Sanders still won among voters under 30 years old while Clinton solidly led in the 45-and-over category.

Several prominent news organizations including the Associated Press, CBS News and Vox are projecting that Vermont and Virginia are too close to call as the polls closed.

Exit polls were conducted by Edison Research, and results were reported by the Associated Press.

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