USC students ‘shocked’ after Bronny James health scare

Trojans react to how this could affect the future for James, basketball team.

Photo of Bronny James.

As news spread Tuesday that incoming basketball sensation Bronny James had suffered cardiac arrest on campus, USC students began to worry — for both Bronny’s health and the future of the basketball team’s season.

James, the eldest son of legendary NBA player LeBron James, was rushed to the hospital Monday. According to the James family, the incoming freshman is out of the intensive care unit and in stable condition.

Arya Desai, a senior majoring in theatre and journalism from Los Angeles, said that like a lot of Trojans, she has been excited to cheer on Bronny James at games this year.

Now, Desai is hoping both Bronny and the basketball team are able to rebound.

“I was shocked that someone so young and experienced could have suffered from something as serious as cardiac arrest,” Desai said. “James is an exciting addition to the team and I sincerely hope he recovers and gets a chance to play.”

“I think I speak for most people when I say we’ve all been looking forward to seeing him continue his family’s legacy this upcoming season.”

Other students like senior cyber operations major Ethan Vicente said they were worried about what the event might mean for Bronny James’s future health.

“First off I was really shocked,” Vicente said. “I’m glad the first thing I read was that he is in stable condition. I don’t know much about cardiac arrest, but I assume it could cause permanent damage, even be fatal. I know he’s worked hard to get to this point so I’m really hoping he can continue at a high level.”

Vicente is also a Trojan basketball fan, and like many other students, he was excited to see what the team could do this year with James and other high-profile recruits joining an experienced team.

“Obviously, for USC basketball it’s really significant if he plays or not,” Vicente said. “I was looking forward to a great season with him, Isaiah Collier and Boogie [Ellis]. But, if he has to stop playing in order to make a full recovery, that’s of course the most important thing.”

And students weren’t just concerned about James’s health. They were also worried about the spotlight he must live under, given his father’s global fame.

Senior international relations major Sam Wahl said “it felt strange to learn about it from breaking news notifications from platforms like the NYT and CNN.”

“He has so many eyes on him that this kind of news is making national headlines, probably only adding to the pressure I imagine he would feel,” Wahl said.

Wahl added: “More than anything, I hope he is able to return to good health and that this won’t infringe on his prospective athletic career.”

USC senior and Vocal Arts major Albert Gonzales said he is a big Laker fan. He even has Laker flags in his room. Gonzales is also a big Trojan fan, and he was “really looking forward to seeing [Bronny] play.”

“And it’s shocking and unfortunate that this happened to him, but you never know what could happen when you’re playing a sport,” Gonzales said. “I am just hoping that he is healthy enough to play.”