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From USC Village storefront changes to rideshare drivers rallying against Prop. 22

On today’s show, we ask students what they would like to see replace empty storefronts in the Village, rideshare and app-based delivery drivers hold a rally in support of striking down Proposition 22, USC hosts a resources fair for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and a conversation about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

On today’s show, USC Village stores have experienced a lot of turnover over the last six years — what do students think is missing at the Village?, rideshare and app-based delivery drivers partner with SEIU to hold a rally against Proposition 22 which classifies these workers as “independent contractors,” April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and USC is hosting a fair to showcase resources and provide workshops, and a conversation with a research assistant at the USC Autism and Family Support Lab on the misconceptions surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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