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COVID cases are down, should our guards be?

USC students’ opinions on the possibility for Covid restrictions to lighten amid decreasing cases

After nearly a month of weekly COVID-19 tests on USC’s campus and increased vaccination rates, there is speculation on the possibility of lifting restrictions in light of new comments by Chief Health Officer of USC Student Health Dr. Sarah Van Orman. As we move into the second month of classes, Ethan Huang asked students for their opinions on eliminating weekly testing and other COVID related procedures on campus.

I believe that I enjoy having the weekly covertness, actually, because some of my classmates that are at different institutions who are also freshmen mentioned that they don’t have weekly covid tests. And if they think that they have symptoms, they just go about their business. And, you know, the recommendation is to get tested, but it’s not required. But I think that community is overall safer with the weekly covid tests, even if the effects of the. The rate of covid has gone down.

And to be honest, I don’t really mind the weekly testing, I think as long as they’re not using too much resource and as long as, you know, the medical staff, they can handle the testing, I think we should still keep it going.

I live 40 minutes away, so I’m a commuter myself, so I have to come every Monday or Tuesday whenever I want to run free and take a test. So I’m not saying it’s a it’s a waste of my time. I’m just saying it is a waste of my gas because I do live it’s 40 minutes away in this traffic and one.

Time struggle out of my week to get a test every single week, drop it off record, the result and everything. I think it’s just something that can take a lot of stress away from doing every week if we don’t have to do it. But, yeah, that’s very good news.

Those were the voices of USC students Bailey Robinson, Bill Wang, Roberto Velazquez, and Austin Coven.