Leasify: Making Subleasing Easier

Leasify is a platform that matches prospective Trojans with nearby property owners. Imagine Airbnb, but better, says the founders

Welcome to The Strive! A podcast that dives into the stages of what it’s like to build a startup. By interviewing current students who are in the process of developing their own business, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain insight and advice from their peers.

In this episode of the Strive, Chase Praeger goes into the struggles he faced with trying to sublease apartments and wanted to find an easier alternative. He co-founded Leasify, a platform that makes it easier to find or rent your apartment, and relieves you of additional stress, with Chris Hailey. Praeger goes into how he came up with the idea, and advice he’d give other entrepreneurs after his two years of learning what the start-up industry is like.