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Portraits of A New Normal: Episode 3

Our third episode explores deeply rooted racism in the daily lives of Americans, Tik Tok entrepreneurships during the pandemic, and the debate around “pandemic puppies.”

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This is Portraits of a New Normal, a series of podcasts from Annenberg Radio News. Tune in to this episode for stories about the rise in AAPI hate crimes, the life of Black “Van Lifers,” tapdancing on Zoom and “pandemic puppies.”

Here are our stories if you want a closer listen (or look!):


Black Nomads Meet: Carving out space in the #vanlife community for people of color

Why Atlanta hit so hard: The deeper reasons behind one of the largest responses in Asian American history

Spread facts, not fear

The Power of Using Content Creation Through Tik Tok To Upscale Your Business

Innovation at the gym amid a pandemic

Fourth and long

USC athletics vs. COVID-19

Transfer students face unique challenges at USC

International students face added difficulties navigating pandemic

The freshman COVID experience

Burnin’ Up

Tap dancing through COVID-19

Staying home and taking a trip

Pandemic puppies


This episode was made by:

Jaeha Joshua Chang: Executive Producer, Host

Fiona Pestana: Producer, Host

Aarohi Sheth: Producer

Sam Feehan, Polina Cherezova: Composer