USC Bookstores now open for in-person shopping

Guests can now visit USC Bookstores for the first time since March.

Students and guests in Los Angeles are now able to shop in-person at USC’s two on-campus bookstores, announced President Carol L. Folt in an email on Feb. 19. Both bookstores are open at limited capacity and by one-hour appointment only.

These openings were announced as part of a plan to increase campus access.

“While we do not have approval, nor do we expect to receive it, for in-person classes this semester, we will be able to open our libraries at a reduced capacity, as well as our swimming pools, outdoor recreation areas, study canopies, and our bookstore opened this week for appointment shopping,” said Folt in an email.

The bookstore will be limited to 25% capacity, as per the L.A. Public Health Guidelines.

This goes hand in hand with the reopening of businesses and institutions in Los Angeles, as the number of deaths and hospitalizations decreases.

Visitors are required to adhere to the county safety regulations like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. They are also required to complete the Trojan Check wellness assessment.

Before entering campus, students are required to have their flu shot and a recent COVID test, both of which are free and available to students.

The closing of the bookstores back in March left student workers without an income. USC senior Freddy Damon, an employee at the bookstore since his freshman year, said that they did receive compensations for about a month.

As of  now, students will not be allowed to work in the bookstore, according to Damon.

“We are still kind of left in the dark as to when we can return and things like that, but I have full trust in the management team there and all the people that work there that they’ll let us know as soon as it’s possible and as soon as they get information that’s concrete and means something to us,” Damon said.

The bookstore at the University Park campus is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., while the Health Science Campus is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Both stores are open Monday through Friday.