You decide with Serena Kerrigan

Ella Katz talks hookup culture, FOMO and self esteem with content creator and ‘Queen of Confidence’, Serena Kerrigan.

On this week’s episode of Match Volume, Ella chats with Queen of Confidence and host of dating show, “Let’s F***ing Date,” Serena Kerrigan. Since the start of quarantine, Kerrigan has capitalized on stay-at-home orders by live-streaming a weekly virtual dating show. Over the past year, Kerrigan has built a die-hard fan base and used her a platform to promote self love and entrepreneurship. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Ella and Serena discuss tools for resilience in the face of toxic hookup culture, Instagram FOMO, and dating in the age of COVID-19.

Special thanks to Ava Brand, who contributed to the promotion of this week’s episode.