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New Xbox and Playstation consoles arrive in time for the holidays

Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head for your loyalty and your money this holiday season.

Think Batman versus the Joker, Deadpool versus Cable, or Rey versus Kylo Ren. And now, Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head for your loyalty and your money this holiday season. Joshua Chang spoke to some diehard gamers about which video-game console they prefer.

It’s PlayStation versus Xbox. Their new consoles went on sale this week, and folks are definitely taking sides. Sophomore Mirella Roberts is on team PlayStation. She’s a political science major.

I just think that the console in the system is better, and I think it’s also a little bit more protected against hackers. I noticed that my Xbox and Microsoft account would get hacked a lot more often than the PlayStation account.

Junior Andrew Obeso, on the other hand, is on team Xbox.

Ever since I was a kid, there’s an Xbox in the house and we just sort of kept buying them. And I mean, I’m a big fan of both the controller, how it feels on my hands, how some of it kind of halo. So naturally, I just kept buying the Xbox. And this generation is no different.

He was lucky. He got his hands on his console of choice—the Xbox Series X. But Roberts isn’t having any luck getting the P-S-five. She got online at midnight to buy one.

I have been looking for the PS5 for my boyfriend, I know that he really wanted it, so I kind of just got on the Internet, started seeing what I could do. But instantaneously they were sold out everywhere.

Xbox and PlayStation fans might disagree on their preferred consoles, but they do share the excitement that comes with exploring new technology.

I’m just like excited about new technology and new graphics.

I’m a big fan of video games. But I would say that the biggest thing that I look forward to is obviously, you know, what new technology can these developers bring to the table with these games?

With the semester almost over and an upcoming long winter break, these consoles come just at the right moment. What a better way to protect yourself from Covid than to stay inside and play video games?