Mitch McConnell holds onto seat, Trump wins in Kentucky

Tracking presidential results and the senate race between Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath.

With 93% of the votes counted, Donald Trump has won Kentucky by over 500,000 votes. As of now, Trump has obtained 62.4% of the votes and Biden has received 35.9%, according to AP reporting.

The gap between incumbent McConnell, who was previously declared the victor, and McGrath has also widened. McConnell has received 58.1% and McGrath has received 37.9% of the votes, according to the AP.

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Updated Nov. 3, 5:10 p.m.

McConnell keeps his seat

The Kentucky senate race has been called with McConnell winning his seventh term as a Senator. According to results, McConnell received 58% of the votes, McGrath only 38.1%.

McConnell is expected to speak regarding his win later Tuesday night following a final tally of results. McGrath’s campaign has not released a statement at this time.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is being challenged in this year’s election by Democrat Amy McGrath.

In addition to winning back the White House, Democrats hope to take control of the Senate for the first time since 2015. If McGrath is able to win the race in Kentucky, the replacement of the Republican majority leader would lead to major upheavals in the Senate.

Of the 35 Senatorial races this election, Democrats need a total of four more seats to win back a 51-seat Senate majority.

Mitch McConnell

McConnell is seeking his sixth term in the U.S. Senate. In the past 50 years, he has become one of the most influential Republicans in U.S. politics.

Although McConnell has low national approval rates, his campaign has benefited from Kentucky’s heavily conservative political leanings.

McConnell, branding this election as “the most important election ever”, made his final pitch to retain his seat at a rally in Kentucky on November 2nd.


McGrath was recruited by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D) to run against McConnell in the 2020 election, following her run for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District in 2018.

McGrath has had many hurdles to overcome since her campaign began, including an idea that she was trying to position herself as a pro-Trump Democrat. However, she has made it clear that she takes an anti-trump stance, including supporting calls for impeachment and endorsing presidential candidate Joe Biden early on in the election cycle.


The two campaigns have focused on the U.S. response to the Covid-19 pandemic. McGrath has made it clear that she believes the lack of further relief efforts are a failure by McConnell to help Kentuckians. McConnell, on the other hand, has touted Kentucky’s $13 billion dollar share of the $2 trillion virus-relief package passed by Congress in March.

Funding two of the most expensive Senate campaigns in the country

McGrath has been one of the biggest fundraisers during this election cycle. According to the campaign’s most recent financial filing, they have raised approximately $88 million dollars and have roughly $14 million in cash-on-hand.

Opposingly, McConnell’s campaign has raised approximately $55 million and only has $11 million in cash-on-hand.

This contrast has exemplified democratic voters' dislike of McConnell, with a vast portion of McGrath’s funds coming from donors outside of Kentucky and across the nation.


Although McGrath’s campaign has reached new records for fundraising, McConnell has consistently led polls throughout the election cycle. FiveThirtyEight has consistently reported an expected poll margin of roughly 10% between the two candidates, with McConnell receiving between 51% and 55% of the votes and McGrath receiving between 40% to 42.5%.