Week in review: coronavirus updates, stimulus check disputes and a domestic terror threat

A weekly recap of recent political news.

COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus cases are on the rise nationally, with more than 373,000 new cases logged this past week. The total number of cases hit 8 million on Friday, representing a rate of growth not seen since July.

In Los Angeles County, new cases numbered 6,975 over the past week, with a daily average of 996 new cases and 13.4 deaths per week. Nonessential businesses and schools remain closed, as the county remains in Tier 1 of the state’s four-tier reopening system: that is, more than seven reported cases per 100,000 residents per day.

Federal Stimulus

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Sunday she’s negotiating with the White House to get a federal stimulus deal approved in the next 48 hours. Pelosi said a new package won’t likely be passed before the November 3rd election without adhering to the strict timeline.

Democrats are asking for an expansive stimulus package; the HEROES Act calls for $2.2 trillion in aid. Republicans recently proposed a $500 billion stimulus bill, with funding for schools, unemployment insurance and coronavirus testing. Neither package is expected to garner the partisan support needed to pass.

Domestic Terror Threat

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, blasted President Donald Trump this weekend for “inspiring and incentivizing” domestic terror after Trump stoked a campaign rally in Muskegon with chants of “lock her up.” Trump criticized Whitmer, telling the crowd the Democratic governor should open the state and open schools.

This action came just one week after the FBI foiled a rightwing plot to kidnap Whitmer, charging 13 men in connection with plans to storm the state capital and put Whitmer on trial.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security targeted terrorism, and “white supremacist violent extremists” in a report on internal threats to the country. Chad Wolf, acting secretary of homeland security, expressed concern that these groups “seek to force ideological change in the United States through violence, death, and destruction.” The 26-page document was released just days before the FBI raid.

Trump in Southern California

President Trump attended a fundraiser Sunday in Newport Beach, a deep-pocketed Republican stronghold that voted Democratic in 2016, the first time since the Great Depression.

The event was hosted by 28-year-old tech multimillionaire Palmer Lucky. Thousands lined the Pacific Coast Highway entrance to the tony Lido Isle enclave, clamoring for a sighting of the presidential motorcade.