Undergraduate Student Government President Gabe Savage and Vice President Trinity Moore will present their nominations for their new executive cabinet to the Senate on Sept. 15. The new cabinet nominations come just two weeks after the inauguration of Savage and Moore.

Savage and Moore introduced their nominees for the Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Programming Officer in an email to USG’s Programming Directors on the evening of Sept. 14.

Savage introduced the nominees for Chief of Staff, Chief Communications Officer and Chief Funding Officer to Annenberg Media later that night.

The nominees for Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Programming Officer will be formally presented to the Programming Board at 6 pm on Sept. 15, followed by the presentation of all nominees at the weekly Senate meeting an hour later.

The urgency to fill the vacant executive positions follows the resignations of former President Truman Fritz and former Vice President Rose Ritch. In July, Fritz and Ritch’s executive board also decided to quietly exit.

USG President Gabe Savage told Annenberg Media he was optimistic about the presentation of the new nominees.

“I expect our presentation to the Senate to go really well,” said Savage. " I think we have robust reasons behind every single nominee as to why they are in this position."

The Chief of Staff nominee is Rachel Moten, a senior studying Public Policy. Moten served as the Senate Parliamentarian during the 2019-2020 school year and previously applied for the Chief of Staff position under Fritz and Ritch. Moten is a member of the Trojan Model UN, College Democrats and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate League.

The Chief Communications Officer nominee is Shreya Chaudhary, a sophomore studying Business Administration. Chaudhary is a member of the Corporate Law and Financial Regulation Association, the Spirit of Troy and serves as a Resident Assistant.

The nominee for Chief Diversity Officer is Lucy Warren, a junior studying Economics and Political Science. According to the short biography given by Savage and Moore, Warren is currently involved in Troy Camp, Trojan Advocates for Political Progress, the Black Student Assembly and the Student Assembly for Accessibility.

According to Savage, Warren’s intersectionality and engagement with key roles on campus made her a prime candidate.

The Chief Funding Officernominee is Zachariah Taymuree, a junior studying Economics and Mathematics and minoring in Business Finance and Business Law. He is one of the founders of USC MENA, the Middle Eastern North African cultural center on campus, where he handles the finances for the center. He is also the founder of the Arabic Debate Team.

The Chief Programming Officer nominee is Jina Hur. Hur is a senior studying Philosophy and Psychology and the Vice President of the Society of Women in the Law.

For Savage and Moore, the nomination of Hur was particularly difficult in terms of optics and closing the previous chapter of scandals in USG. Hur served as the Chief Programming Officer under Fritz and Ritch, resigning in July shortly after their departure. However, Hur’s qualifications for the position triumphed and Savage reported overwhelming confidence from the Programming Board in her renomination.

All nominations are subject to confirmation from the Senate at a two-thirds majority vote, according to the USG Bylaws.

In addition to the Senate confirmation, Hur’s nomination for Chief Programming Officer must receive a 50% vote of confidence and one affirmative vote from all outgoing directors on the Programming Board.

The Chief Diversity Officer must also receive a vote of approval from two-thirds of the directors of the cultural assemblies. The cultural assembly consists of the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly, the Black Student Assembly, the International Student Assembly, the Latinx Student Assembly, the Queer & Ally Student Assembly and the Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment. Each assembly will get two votes.

In an earlier interview with Annenberg Media, Savage explained that his hands were tied until he had a full cabinet, emphasizing the immediate need to fill position vacancies.

Now, he and Moore are looking at having a full cabinet as early as Sept. 22.

“I’m just excited for more people to be able to bounce ideas off of and talk about our direction and what we want to get done because it can be a little scary when it’s just myself and Trinity trying to make decisions for 20,000 undergraduates,” said Savage. “Having a really good team around us was our first priority and hopefully it’ll be done soon and we can move on to the policy.”

Senate meetings can be viewed via the USG Facebook page each Tuesday.