Trojan Tales

Trojan Tales: The history of the Coliseum and Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has been a fixture in Los Angeles for many years. But do you know all the history that happened there?

Known as the “Greatest Stadium in the World,” the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has had a very long and memorable history. From the 1932 and 1984 Olympics to the first and seventh Super Bowls to hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers to John F. Kennedy accepting the Democratic Nomination in 1960 and evangelist Billy Graham hosting over 130,000 people in 1963; the Coliseum is a cultural landmark.

The Coliseum was also where the baseball term “Moonshots” originated. A moonshot is when a hitter hits a home run so high that the ball disappears into the night sky. Wally Moon, a former outfielder of the Los Angeles Dodgers, would often hit towering home runs over the 42-foot screen that hung in front of the left-field bleachers. The reason for the 42-foot screen was because the left-field wall was only 251 feet from home plate, compared to the 440 feet to the right-field fence